Rise of the Israelites

There are forces in dark places that do not want the truth to get out. There is a prophecy so grave and epic that billions are being spent to cover it up.

There is a Biblical curse on a blessed people and they are hidden in plain sight but they do not know it. They have been beaten, lynched, sold, land stolen and are still persecuted to this very day. There is a reason you do not know who you are.

The Destroyer Of The Gentiles Is Coming and The Israelites RISE AGAIN!

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Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free!

What The Hell Is An Israelite?

You will learn fast what the bible says versus what man says about Israelites. With this book EVERYTHING is uncovered.


You will learn what your TRUE Heritage is and why it is so IMPORTANT. Haven t you ever wondered why they change your nationality every 8–10 years? What have they hid in plain sight?

NEVER be lied to again!

That’s right! You will never have to worry about someone telling you something that is not true. You will have your answers and be set FREE!

This Book Is Jam Packed With Bible Truths, And More!

Breaking Down Strongholds
  • Learn what secret biblical history Blacks, Mexicans and Indians have in common.
  • Learn Hidden History The Heathen Gentiles Purposefully Hid From You
  • Learn Why Your Brothers And Sisters Are Getting Killed To This Day. Learn why you are first fired and Last Hired. Learn why ALL of our leaders have failed us.
  • Learn why you are NOT African, Mexican, Indian, Columbian, Dominican, Hatian, and Most Importantly NOT American!

Justice for us

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Israelite captivity

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What To Expect From Rise Of The Israelites

Why Do I Need This Book?

Free Your Mind

Instantly You will begin to be unprogrammed from the “Matrix Of Lies” The church has been feeding you. Beyond a shadow of a doubt you will learn what The Most High feels about Sin.

Avoid Damnation

You will also once and for ALL time know what The Most High wants from you. You will finally have the answer to “Are Gods Laws Done Away With”? In the process you will be prepared fully when the Destroyer Of The Gentiles Comes.

No Fluff Just Raw Biblical Historic Information

Most books try to treat the symptoms of an issue. Rise of the Israelites rips OUT the mental cancer totally. The answers you seek are just a click away.

You cannot serve 2 masters

When you finish this enlightening piece of work you will have a pivotal choice to make. You can not serve God and the Devil at the same time. Just like at Mt. Sinai with Moses you will have to pick a side.

Why there is daily pain

You will learn why when you watch the news there is only hurt and agony with Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. It’s not what you think, a particular people are suffering for a reason. In addition learn why they kill us and get away with it. All of this will be shown to you.

True Path Of Righteousness

The things that are happening today are not by chance. This is truly the last days are you ready? If you think you are then you are already walking charcoal. Rise Of The Israelites will get you on the right path.

Rise Of The Israelites Exposes Lies

¬† Rise of the Israelites will SMASH forevermore the lies your preacher has been telling. You will learn what “The Big 5” preachers won’t tell you. Learn the truth about what god truly wants from you.

You know like I do that something is ….”off” in your religious organizations. It is no secret that monthly you hear about more and more abominations coming from your local place of worship. God is NOT dealing with those churches and the bible proves it. Here is a shortlist of issues they are PAID OFF not to tell you truth about.

  • Who the real Gentiles are here is a hint its not Blacks, Hispanics, or native Americans.
  • Your True Identity and what that means, and who are The Most Highs Chosen People.
  • Gods Laws
  • Who REALLY Can Be Saved.
  • Who Esau¬† and Jacob are Today and Who Your Enemies Are According To The Bible.
  • (Insert Here Anything That Messes With Their Money.) Yeah just in case you have not guessed you are not supposed to be paying tithing either.


israelites are in america

Moment Of Truth

Now I know exactly what you are thinking. Why in the world would I give this book away for free with no catches when normally books like this sell for $19.99 or higher?

Good question I would be skeptical also but here is your answer. I was shown this unbelievable truth for free so It is only right for me to give back. We all have had these same questions and never got a clear answer to them. God seen fit to allow me to wake up out of deep sleep and I am forever in his debt. For now this will be up for all to have. Share with friends and relatives.

There is also a Newsletter form that you will see at the bottom of this page. If you liked the book and understand better about this life we are in feel free to join. You will not regret it. There will be additional information not in the book that will empower you like never before.

This price of FREE will not be up for long and I will pull this promotion down at some point so take advantage.


Ye Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Set You Free

Curses and blessing

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